What are my responsibilities for cleaning the inflatables?

Each unit throughout the rental and before pickup will need to be cleaned to the best of the customer’s ability. This is aimed to remove the bulk of the cleaning. If there is excessive dirt, food, and or other grime that requires extensive cleaning upon arrival to our storage facility a cleaning fee will be administered as per the contract.

Does the inflatable need to be plugged in the entire time?

Yes, in order for the inflatable to remain operational and safe for all party guests the blowers must remain on for the entire time that it is being used. Once all guests have exited the inflatable and it will not be used then it is acceptable to turn off the blowers.

What are my responsibilities for preparing the unit for pickup?

We ask that the unit is turned on and inflated in order for us to assess it for misuse and other safety issues upon arrival. If the unit remains over night the next morning please inflate as early as possible to help dry the unit out.

The inflatable is going to be left overnight, what do I need to do?

Once all party guests have exited you are then safe to turn off the blowers. Once the unit is deflated it will still be staked down. This is safe to leave as is. The blower however will need to be covered as well as any electrical connects. This will minimize damage to the unit and extension cords. The following morning please re-inflate by turning on the blowers as early as possible.

What are the accepted payment types?

We accept cash or check. We also can process MasterCard and Visa transactions as well. When paying with cash please have the correct amount as the staff does not carry cash.

What type of area is needed to set-up an inflatable?

The area that is preferred to set up the rental is a flat grassy area. This area needs to be free from debris such as sticks, rocks, and stumps. The grade should be flat but slight variations are acceptable. Ultimately the staff upon arrival will assess the area and provide feedback. Safety is our primary concern. The area also must have a power supply that is within 100 feet of the area.

What is expected for the setup of the inflatable?

Upon arrival, the staff will survey the area that is designated for the inflatable. Once the area is agreed upon a tarp will be laid out and secured to minimize damage. At this point the inflatable is rolled out onto the tarp and then inflated. A last safety inspection will be done and at this point the unit is staked down.

What is the responsibility to the renter if the unit is damaged?

Any damage that the unit receives after the initial setup is the responsibility of the renter per the contract. If said damage occurs it is the renter’s responsibility to alert the staff upon arrival to pick up the unit. At this point the staff would assess the damage and deem it to be from misuse or normal wear and tear. If it is from misuse then a fee will be imposed according to the contract.

What is considered inclement weather?

Inclement weather can be defined as thunder & lightning, high winds, snow, and heavy down pours. All of these weather conditions can cause damage to the unit but primarily makes the unit unsafe for party guests. A passing shower is not a concern.

What is your policy on cancelations due to inclement weather?

The staff at All American Inflatables will be monitoring the weather up until the scheduled date of the unit. If the forecast looks unfavorable you will then receive a call from us to discuss the likelihood of continuing to have your unit delivered. At this time, an agreement will be arranged between the renter and All American Inflatables that best suits the renter. For example, if a scheduled day were to be rained out then we can agree on another day and that unit will still be yours. Once the unit is delivered and set up and the weather takes a turn for the worse a refund will not be administered. If you feel this is a concern please take the initiative to call us first to discuss your options.

Should I tip the delivery staff?

Although it is not necessary to tip the delivery staff, if you feel that they did an exceptional job you are more than welcome to tip them.

Are Setup and Takedown times included in the rental period?

No, our staff will arrive early in order to make sure the unit is set up and operational for the moment your rental time starts. The staff will also never show up until after your rental time has concluded to take down the unit.

Is All American Inflatables licensed and insured?

Yes, all of our units are insured along with our trucks and employees. All forms and documents can be produced at any time without fee in order to give you piece of mind. Please ask at the time of booking for any documents you might need so that way they can be delivered along with the unit or we can also send by email or fax.

If you do not see your question answered or you require additional information please reach out to us. We will be more than happy to answer any questions and do our best to accommodate any and all of your needs.

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