Safety Rules

Operator Safety Acknowledgement (PDF)

Please initial next to each item:

  • ______   I understand that I am responsible for the equipment until the rental company arrives to pick it up.
  • ______   I understand that while children are in the inflatable equipment, a responsible adult must be supervising.
  • ______   I will ensure that all riders remove their shoes and any sharp objects before entering the inflatable.
    Sharp objects include eyeglasses, toys, jewelry, and any item that could scratch the unit or another rider.
  • ______   I understand that food and drinks are not allowed inside the inflatable, including gum.
  • ______   I understand that no kind of spray string is to be used near the inflatable because it can severely damage the vinyl.
  • ______   Unless the inflatable is specifically designed to be a water ride, the inflatable should not get wet.
  • ______   I will not allow riders to do flips, climb the netting or roof areas, or roughhouse in the inflatable.
    I will remove riders who do not follow directions to ensure the safety of all riders.
  • ______   I will not allow riders to sit or play on the safety step.
  • ______   I understand that riders should be sorted by size to prevent injuries.
    Only children of approximately the same size should be in the inflatable at any time.
  • ______   I agree not to exceed the recommended number of riders or weight limit. See rental agreement for specifics.
  • ______   Safety and evacuation procedures in case of unit deflation have been reviewed with me.
  • ______   I am aware of how the weather can affect the inflatable and I have reviewed the procedures and understand
    what to do in the event of bad weather (rain or wind)
  • ______   I understand that riders must slide in a sitting position, feet first.
    Jumping and flipping from the top of the slide is not permitted and can cause injuries.

_________________________________   ____________________________________

Responsible Party Signature                                      Rental Company Representative

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