All American Inflatables LLP Waiver (PDF)

Please initial after numbers 1-8 and sign below

  1. ____ I have been shown how inflatable is secured.
  2. ____ I have been shown how to turn on /off blower.
  3. ____ I have been instructed not to allow any horseplay, flips, wrestling or any other unsafe activities both in and around the inflatable.
  4. ____ I have been advised of the following…
    No shoes or sharp objects in or around the inflatable unit(s);
    No food, drinks or gum;
    No eyeglasses or jewelry.
  5. ____I understand that adult (18 years old & up) operators must be provided to watch the games at all times.
  6. ____I have been advised that children of the same size or age group only may use the unit(s) at any given time, no adults.
  7. ____I agree to remove any person from the inflatable who is violating posted rules of operation.
  8. ____I have received both written and verbal instruction on the safe operation of the inflatable and agree to follow all safety rules.



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Witnessed By: _____________________ (Print Name) ________________________        (Signature)


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